15th Anniversary Remake


The original Trip to Eleanor Website can be viewed HERE.

In the summer of 2001, we had the extraordinary experience of traveling to China to meet up with Eleanor Jean Jacobi Hill, the girl that we were to adopt as our own child.  While traveling in China, we uploaded a daily update of our adventure, along with photos and videos.  I had set up a template of linked web pages before leaving, and our good friend Felicia Williams kindly received our emails and photo attachments and manually edited the existing HTML files to yield the updates to our website while we were on-the-road.

In other words, we were blogging before anyone knew what the hell blogging was.  Complete with pictures and videos, although the pics and vids were from the 2001 era.  Over time, the photos came to be considered low-resolution, and the videos, originally published in the RealVideo format, became obsolete and unplayable by most people.

Now, on the 15th anniversary of this trip, we are re-publishing this blog.  We are:

  • Updating the photos with higher resolution versions of the originals
  • Updating the videos with YouTube embeds of the originals
  • Updating the HTML to reflect both the desktop and mobile requirements for 2016

Thanks for following us, now and then, and also into the future.

Robert, Susannah, and Eleanor